Saturday, February 18, 2012

Translating a Republican Rant on Facebook

So today a friend of a friend replied to some political post with this long rant. I snarkily replied, but then realized that the entire post came off as such hateful nonsense that I was just left with the impression of hatefulness. So I decided to break down what was upsetting and wrong about this rant bit by bit. I have italicized bits that needed translation into human sentiment from Capitalist Aristocrat rhetoric. Parenthesis contain my translation or response.

Persons of means will always have greater influence on the political process than their less successful counterparts.(suggesting that having money is the same as actually doing anything to earn it) They fundamentally are persons who create paths (suggesting that all wealthy people are interested in influencing the world in general rather than just their own world), not merely follow those created by others. Their force of personality and talents (suggesting that all wealthy people have talent & character) had a greater impact on the economic world (suggesting that having money is synonymous with talent & personality), and given that and their higher interest in the maintenance of law and order (suggesting that protecting your own personal possessions & wealth is the same as interest in general law and order), their influencing policy is both expected and desired, if not ultimately integral to the advancement of society (suggesting that wealthy people's self-interest is in fact synonymous with society). When those without success (without wealth and status) rein over government, society devolves into an entitlement state (people are only entitled to what they are born into, like aristocracy) where success (wealth & status) is shunned and mediocrity (anyone not born into wealth or who does not become wealthy) celebrated. Much like America today; absent our turning to a man of considerable talents (wealth & status); a man who not only conquered the economic world in which he was born, but fundamentally changed the game all together (born into money, changed the system to make himself money while destroying our overall economy), the American experiment (self-interested capitalism) will be over. At present, we have at the helm of this nation a man who has no personal accomplishments of note (ignoring all of his accomplishments, of course, as he was not born white and wealthy & absent his rise to political office by being at the right place at the right time (i.e. a time when a Republican president has allowed our economy to completely tank). A man who has neither economic nor academic credentials worthy of a seat in the US Senate (, let alone to be the leader of the free world. If you asked me if a mediocre student from Hawaii's private schools, after modest at best performance at a third tier college, would rise to elite graduate schools (again, without noteworthy academic achievement) (<---his parenthesis) then to he hand picked by the Chicago machine to be a less than one full term as junior Senator and ultimately to POTUS, I would have told you my nation is not yet so full of fools (no way a non-white person from Hawaii, which is appaently barely American could be president). And sadly, I was wrong; we are impacted with those who take (anyone not born wealthy), and no longer those that create (create...uh, jobs for India & China? jobs for their attorneys & accountants? more entitled rich people?). Yes I fear the America of the 21st century will become the United Kingdom of the 20th century (a great progressive nation respected the world over, known for its respect for people of all nationalities and tolerance of differences, its care of its citizens, and for its rising above the unfair government it traditionally had). A washed up has been (no longer forcibly controlling other nations), desperate to stay relevant but relegated to insignificance but for their wise alliance with its former colony (barely still an ally, as said allies self-destructive ways adversely affected economics around the globe). The 21st century will be age east (because American companies moved to Asian countries where near slave labor is legal), unless the next Ronald Regan (rich, charismatic white corporate puppet) can undue (I assume undo) the damage done and return this great nation to its rightful position as the one and only superpower on earth (I'm not sure what he means here. I suppose he means bloodthirstily starting wars around the globe while wealthy entitled white guys make money making and selling weapons while poor people's children fulfill their traditional roles as canon fodder and don't vote).

If the original poster is in any way embarrassed by what he wrote, I will take this down. If he doesn't like what I wrote in response, I am sorry to offend him.


  1. Ok, this one is gonna take more focus than my usual 'once over' but I'll do it because I want to be as insightful as you were...

  2. Oh, Nathan, how do you always make me day. Totally made me smile.