Tuesday, June 21, 2011


I have always been a bit of a rebel in my own quiet way. My grandfather used to say I was a Maverick, and this was long before that word was dumbed down by certain politicians. The fact is, I never understood why I should care what other people thought of me. I mean, my family, my friends, sure. Some random person I don't know? I'm not sure why their opinion should have any meaning to me.

Now, I am a woman of my generation. We have been sold self-hatred on an epic scale and I am not immune. However, when people talk about style, or cool, it really doesn't matter to me where I fall on their personal scale. Whether that person is a random teen (or MommyBlogger) online, or the editor of a fashion magazine. Their opinion is so much worthless intangible gibberish. If I agree with them, I can like that about them. If I disagree, I've forgotten them before I finished reading the sentence.

That said, I realize now that honestly not caring about the world in generals opinion of me is not completely the norm. Which is why I save most of my ire for those who perpetuate self-hatred to those who are not as disengaged as I am. For most, it is harder to disregard those who embody the world's opinion. It is wrong to put all that self-loathing out there. We, as human beings, should not accept self-hatred as the normal state of things. If we are encouraged to feel bad about ourselves, we should say "Hell no!". We should be angry at those who prey on those feelings, not insecure that those people feel we don't measure up.

I am not cool. I am not a world-renowned beauty. I don't have a best-selling diet, self-help or fashion book, blog or show. To the world at large, I am nobody. Which is fine with me. In my own world, if I am incommunicado for even a couple hours, there are people I love preparing to call the cops. I matter in my world. And I will say this to anyone who might stumble across this. You matter in yours. You are a beautiful, worthwhile person who does not need to fit in with the cool kids. Be you. Be a great version of you. Embrace what makes you unique. Don't listen to those who want you to feel bad, so you will buy stuff or so they can feel better about themselves. In the grand scheme of things, they don't matter to the world at large either. Be a rockstar in your life, and don't let the talkboxes out there chew you up and spit you out, or worse, press you firmly into a mold and make you less than human.


  1. You know if I didnt know you any better Id say that was pretty deep. I like you am glad that in the large scheme of the world I am just an insignificant grain of sand. But In my world I am the boulder that my Wife, Children, Mother, Father, Brother, Cousins and so on can rely on. Alot of the people in the world feel that if you do not share thier opinons, morals and beliefs that you are wrong. Well what makes thiers better than anyone elses? isnt there enough room for more than one person to be right? I would think so And you are cool dear cousin of mine!

  2. So agree with you whole heatedly and this is what i try to teach my children every day. Being popular, good looking, in style, etc is not as important as being who you. And if your "friends" don't appreciate and accept you for who you are then they are not real friends. AND so true that if you are true to yourself and those around you . . you are the star of your own world. The people that truly matter will be there for you